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the not so big bad wolf

"Welcome back Listeners - Little Red Riding Hood here! Stay tuned as I go undercover to reveal the truth behind fairytales' most infamous villain - The Big Bad Wolf"


Meet Little Red; adventurer, heroine and world-renowned "True Grimm" podcaster. She's on a mission to debunk the myths around her so called nemesis, with the help of a few storybook favourites, her red cloak, and a basket full of music, mayhem and magic tricks! But the truth is no Fairytale…


This production is suitable for the whole family, though some elements may be best enjoyed by those aged 4 and above.


Age Guidance: 4+

Big Bad Wolf Introductory Notes (Audio Description)Vicky Ackroyd
00:00 / 04:26

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May 2024

sat 25

mon 27

wed 29

thu 30

fri 31 

June 2024

sat 1

sat 8

sun 9

sat 29 

July 2024

sun 7


Directed by Richard Priestley 

Associate Director Rosie Fox

Written by Elvi Piper

Designer Antony Jones

Producer Joseph Clowser

Composer / Musical Director Rosie Fox

Stage Management Calum Clark / Joseph Clowser / Luke Madzudzo 

Technical Consultant Ali Fox 

Illustration Bethan Woollvin

Cast (including)

Kelise Gordon-Harrison

Linda-Ray Ndlovu

Peter Pearson

Richard Priestley

Generously supported by Arts Council England and The Mohn Westlake Foundation 

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