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Three singing actors weave together famous tales, which all feature the elusive number three! Brought to life with a flurry of original sing-a-long songs, live music and brilliantly inventive storytelling, the flamboyant players burst from their wagon of forgotten fables to re-tell the stories of Rumpelstiltskin, Goldilocks and Grimm’s Three Wanderers as never before.

Jump on board the ingenious and cleverly crafted wagon of fairytales in this spellbinding new musical play for children aged 3-8 and their families.


Directed / Written by Elvi Piper

Designer Antony Jones

Creative Producer Chemeana Lacey

Original Devising Company  

Robbie Foulston, Antony Jones, Beth Knight, Chemeana Lacey, Kirsty Pennycook, Elvi Piper

Lyrics by Elvi Piper

Composer/Musical Director Robbie Foulston

Musical Director (2020) Claire Marie Seddin
Musical Associate Kirsty Pennycook 

Production Support Lee Warner, Antony Jones, Rosie Fox 

Cast including (in alphabetical order)

Robbie Foulston

Edith Kirkwood

Beth Knight

Alyce Liburd 

Kirsty Pennycook 

Elvi Piper

Richard Priestley 

Supported by Arts Council England 

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