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the lost property library

As the smoke clears on the once crowded platform, the outline of the Station Master is all that's left as the train pulls away. He's here to welcome you to the Lost Property Library - a place where lost stories, memories, and objects come to be archived and kept safe. All around you trunks and suitcases brim with exciting tales and adventures to discover. Above your head hangs a sign that reads...

"Please look after these stories."

This project was commissioned by The British Library and the Paddington Estate in 2021.


Directed / Written by Elvi Piper

Filmmaker Lian Furness

Designer Antony Jones

Creative Producer Richard Priestley

Composer Dan McGlade

Facilitators Lucy Rafton

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Richard Priestley

Commissioned by The British Library and

The Paddington Estate. 

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