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the selfish giant

In a very cold, grey town, not too far from here, hidden behind a crumbling wall and a thousand signs which say ‘KEEP OUT’, lives...The Selfish Giant.
So selfish he shut away garden where the children used to play and cursed the town to never ending winter. Or so the story goes...but one curious child wants to discover what really lies within!


Oscar Wilde’s classic tale is reimagined for the stage in this magical adventure for the whole family.

Co-commissioned by The Civic, Barnsley and ARC Stockton Arts Centre. 


Directed by Elvi Piper

Written by Elvi Piper, Beth Knight & Alix Manning-Jones

Designer Antony Jones

Creative Producers Chemeana Lacey & Kirsty Pennycook 

Composer Angus McLeod 

Lighting Design Jason Salvin

Technical Consultants Production Light and Sound

Cast including (in alphabetical order)

Hannah Hobley
Alyce Liburd

Nathan Smith 

Co-commissioned by ARC, Stockton and The Civic, Barnsley

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