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"If you look to the sky and gaze at the stars you might find something wonderful..."

Meet Daphne Star aka ‘Stargazer’: YouTuber, Content Creator, Believer! There’s been a sighting of mysterious flying object in the skies over her hometown of Leeds, and with your help she’s going to find that the truth really is out there! 


From the creators of HUMBUG, this brand-new digital production for the whole family will beam you back to the Ministry of Make-believe to meet a host of new (and familiar) characters, accompanied by a Fact File of activities and clues to solve. 


Directed by Lian Furness & Elvi Piper

Written by Elvi Piper

Designer Antony Jones

Creative Producers Chemeana Lacey & Richard Priestley 

Composer Dan McGlade 

Access Champion Vicky Ackroyd

Lighting Design Alastair Fox 

Technical Consultants Production Light and Sound

Sound Andy Sulley

Summer Associate Mollie Wood 

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Joyce Branagh

Reece Carter 

Nigel Collins

Madison Collins 
Thomas Cotran

Daisy Ann Fletcher

Thomas Frere

Wambui Hardcastle

Edith Kirkwood 

Callum Lacey 

Jacob Phillips

Lucy Rafton 

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