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a town called christmas

Far away, beyond the snow, and nestled in a perfect nook you’ll find a town called Christmas…

Clementine dreams of a place where gingerbread houses glow under twinkling fairy-lights, and chocolate coins are currency. Where the streets are filled with snow-ball fights, and laughter hangs like baubles in the air! The happiest place on Earth. Or at least it used to be…

Buckle in for a rollercoaster of magic, music, and mayhem as our hero crash-lands in a crumbling town where only the long-forgotten fables, a cantankerous caretaker and a glitching robot remain! Can they save the day, and the town called Christmas?

A show for adventurers aged 3+ and their grown-ups.


Arts Centre Washington

05 - 10 Dec 2023

The Crucible, Sheffield 

15 - 30 Dec 2023 


Directed / Written by Elvi Piper

Designer Antony Jones

Producer Joseph Clowser

Composers Bayard Bryan & Claire Marie Seddon

Choreography Richard Priestley

Lighting Designer Darren Lowe

Stage Manager Leila Fisk

Illustration Bethan Woollvin

Puppets Kathleen Yore 

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Florence Poskitt
Terence Rae
Eve Tucker 

Co-commissioned with Gala, Durham 

Supported by Arts Council England 

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