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the snow queen

At the top of the world lives the Snow Queen who is supposed to control the weather. But the seasons aren’t behaving. The world is getting warmer. And it hasn’t snowed for years....

Lumi gazes up at the stars and worries about the world. The adults don't seem to have noticed that the seasons aren’t behaving, or that it hasn’t snowed for years. This is an emergency! So, it’s time to take the issue straight to the top (of the world) and find the Snow Queen she has heard so much about. On the long journey ahead she’ll meet a host of fabulous new friends - from an overworked elf, to a pompous polar bear - as she learns that small changes make a big difference! But first she is determined to make it SNOW!


Waterside Arts, Sale 

29 Nov - 30 Dec 2023



Directed / Written by Elvi Piper

Associate Director Rosie Fox

Designer Antony Jones

Producer Joseph Clowser

Musical Director / Composer Rosie Fox

Stage Manager Heather Newsham 

Lighting Design Alastair Fox 

Technical Consultants Production Light and Sound 

Cast including (in alphabetical order)

Thomas Cotran
Daisy Ann Fletcher

Molly Grace Cutler
Richard Priestley 

Tilly Smith

Amy Tara 

Co-commissioned by ARC, Stockton and The Albany

Supported by Arts Council England 

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