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Tinsel is the tale of one little boy who dreams of being the fairy on top of the Christmas tree! He can sing, dance, and wear a sparkly tiara as well as anyone else.


But to get to the top, he’ll have to convince a whole tree of doubting baubles and naysaying ornaments that anyone can shine if they’re given the chance!


Suitable for all ages. 

This production toured with Red Ladder for the 2021 festive season.


Directed / Written by Elvi Piper

Film Director Lian Furness

Designer Antony Jones

Creative Producer Chemeana Lacey

Musical Director / Arrangements Harri Pitches

Access Champion Vicky Ackroyd

Lighting / Sound Design Alastair Fox & Tom Blackband

Technical Consultants Production Light and Sound

Stage Manager Tom Blackband

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Harri Pitches 


Daisy Ann Fletcher 

Lucy Rafton

Supported by Arts Council England 

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