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In 2018 and 2019 Wrongsemble created a total of eight brand-new exciting family performances Bradford Literature Festival performed on our bespoke 'book stages'. 

This series of large-scale outdoor performances and workshops for all ages took place every weekend of the festival at City Park (Mirror Pool), Bradford in 2018 and 2019 - along with a curated cast of walkabout artists and actvities dleivered by Wrongsemble. 

Take a look back over some of the highlights of these fabulous events in our gallery below. 

Photo Credit: Anthony Robling Photography and Tony Sales


Kafayat Adegoke 

Tom Astbury

Anil Bharath 

Shazia Bibi 

Natalie Davies

Rosie Fox 

Hannah Hobley 

Edith Kirkwood 

Kirsty Pennycook

Elvi Piper 

Tabitha Piper

Harri Pitches

Alyce Liburd 

Olivia Race 

Nathan Richard Smith

Lottie Wallis

Steven Vaughn

Creative Team 

External Artists

Director / Writer Elvi Piper

Designer Antony Jones

Producer Chemeana Lacey 

Producer Kirsty Pennycook

Stage Manager Catherine Farish

Production Assistant Alice Barber 

Production Management & Sound
Production, Light and Sound

Sound Design Dave Searle 



The Joker Entertainment 

Douglas Thompson 


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